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Networkcar / Networkfleet

More and More businesses are Connecting with their Fleets. An affordable fleet management solution for business Networkcar’s® Networkfleet™ is the first truly integrated location and performance monitoring system for fleet management.

Whether you operate a large or small fleet, Networkfleet™ is an effective yet affordable tool for managing your mobile assets. Our web-based interface gives you quick access to critical information about every aspect of your fleet.

Owned by The Reynolds and Reynolds Company (NYSE:REY), a billion-dollar company, Networkcar is the leading provider of around-the-clock services for monitoring the performance, location and security of consumer and fleet vehicles.

Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) and Routing
Quickly access vehicle location online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Networkfleet’s™ easy to use online mapping interface gives you point-and-click access to your entire fleet and a window into the activities of each fleet vehicle. See where your vehicles have been, how long they stopped and how many miles they traveled. Locate vehicles closest to customer sites.

Get GPS location updates every 2 minutes
View map of entire fleet or individual vehicles
View historical driving track
Create a Geofence
Find the vehicle closest to a street address
Plot customer landmarks
Get driving directions
Reduce/eliminate unauthorized vehicle usage
Increase driver productivity and optimize vehicle usage. Networkfleet’s™ reports and alerts allow you to easily monitor the performance of your vehicles and their drivers. Verify on-time service delivery, service delivered or quality of service. Address unauthorized mileage and document actual hours to reduce overtime.

Connect with Your Fleet. Log on.
How Networkfleet™ Works

Remote Diagnostics
Reduce vehicle downtime and increase fuel efficiency.
With multiple patents surrounding remote vehicle diagnostics,
Networkfleet™ is the only solution that automatically notifies you
if one of your vehicles reports a diagnostic trouble code (DTC) or is
due for normal maintenance.

Reduce repair costs and downtime by catching problems early and eliminating manual processes.

Automated Meter Readings
Access real-time vehicle mileage
Problem Alerts
Get immediate DTC alerts via email when a problem is detected
Maintenance Reminders
Receive mileage-based scheduled maintenance alerts via email
No-cost remote smog inspection program (CA)
Reduce downtime and cost associated with physical testing
Safety and Security Services
Protect your vehicles in case of theft or breakdown. When you install Networkfleet™ on your vehicles, you will receive nationwide stolen vehicle recovery and roadside assistance at no additional cost. Included services are towing, fuel delivery, locksmith, flat repair and battery boost.

Nationwide stolen vehicle recovery
Complete roadside assistance package for light vehicles
Insurance Discount (Anti-theft device)

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