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Exceed guest expectations with two-way radio

To succeed in the hospitality industry, you need to meet or exceed expectations. From hotels to theme parks to cruise ships, there is a flow of services around each visit that helps make the customer experience both memorable and enjoyable. Perfecting that choreography of services has a lot to do with communication. Two-way radios are indispensable for enabling staff to communicate with the right people at exactly the right time.

Price & Service - We Can't Be Beat

SEI has a huge selection of two-way radios at competitive prices. But our prices can be beat. Think of it this way: the Ritz is not the cheapest hotel, but people still stay there. Why is that? Because the experience is fantastic. Same story with SEI.

What do you want from your two-way radio solution?

On-demand, clear communication is something everybody needs. What about GPS staff location, text messaging, one-to-one calling, reporting and workflow management? Different radio solutions can help you optimize your business in different ways, and the technology you choose is what will set you apart from your competitors. SEI staff can help you choose the optimal mix of features for your particular needs.

Analyze staff performance with reporting

Take your hospitality business to the next level with performance analysis. two-way radio reporting shows you the time intervals between action requested and action completed. Get full reporting at the end of each day via Outlook email to analyze response times. Then, make the required adjustments to keep your facility running like a Swiss clock.

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Maintenance contracts and check-ups

Did you know that two-way radios need calibrating twice per year? They wander very slightly off-channel, so for the best reception they need to be fine-tuned. At the same time we check batteries and install firmware updates, including new features. Ask about our competitive maintenance contracts.

It’s all about customer service

What do you do when a radio doesn’t work? You call for help. You will find that SEI has a live person who answers the phone and is capable of making decisions. Not an answering service, but an SEI employee. That’s a rarity in our industry. But the way we see it, our job is to make sure that you can always do yours.

Simplify Coordination & Communication With Your Team

Modern digital two-way radios allow you to talk to each group on a dedicated channel, as well as talking to group members individually. That’s handy when the head of operations wants to talk to her three supervisors. Modern radios are also text-enabled: send one of many standard message, or compose a custom text.


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