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Provide A Higher Quality Healthcare Experience With Two-Way Radio

The ‘care’ in healthcare is about people taking care of people. For effective care to take place—whether it’s a hospital or a retirement community—you need on-demand, instantaneous communication, especially in critical health situations. Two-way radio is a vital part of ensuring that nothing gets missed in the complex flow of services that add up to positive, supportive individual care.

Our Commitment to Service

SEI supplies two-way radios to some of the most important health providers in Florida, like Memorial Healthcare. Our prices are competitive, but it’s not price that keeps customers coming back. It’s our second-to-none service. When you need us most, we’re there for you.

Choose the right mix of two-way radio features

You need on-demand, clear communications that always work. If yours is a healthcare center, you will probably want our Professional line of Motorola two-way radios—the most rugged, dependable radios ever made. This is the type of radio that was found buried in the mud weeks after a hurricane, given a new battery, and worked perfectly.Different radios can help you optimize your operations in different ways. SEI consultants have the expertise you need to choose the optimal mix of features for needs specific to your facility.

Link facilities and across the state with MOTOTRBO™ IP Site Connect

Swift communication between groups like security, engineering and maintenance is critical, as is on-demand one-to-one calling. But what about when you need to contact other facilities across the state? If a maintenance worker runs into a problem or a major accident demands extra resources, two-way radio speeds up problem resolution. There’s no long walk back to an office, no finding the right phone number or email, no waiting for a callback or a return email. Your staff can contact the right person, at a facility across the state, as quickly as pushing a button and talking.

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Talk only to the right people

With modern digital two-way radios, you can talk to each group on a dedicated channel, or to group members individually. When the head of security wants to talk to three staff working the emergency entrance area, that’s exactly what happens. Digital radios are also text-friendly. You can send one of many standard message, or create a custom text.

Keep staff focused on their jobs

Cellular communications have drawbacks other than interfering with medical equipment signals. There’s the monthly cost, but there is also distraction. Facebook and text messaging between friends eat up paid time and distract employees from the execution of their duties. Two-way radio, on the other hand, is a communication medium that’s built for the work environment, with no distractions.

Covering all healthcare solutions

We offer solutions for all manner of healthcare facilities: hospitals, retirement homes, rehabilitation centers and more. When you call SEI, we have a knowledgeable decision-maker answering the phone, day or night. No answering services. That’s a rarity in our industry. But when two-way radios are a critical part of critical care, half measures won’t do.


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