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Keep Drivers On Track with two-way radio

You’re in the business of getting goods and people from A to B on time. Meeting expectations fleet-wide involves clear, always-on voice communications for every driver, wherever they go. Constant communication is key to streamlining operations, controlling costs and delighting customers.

Shop Two-Way Radios For Transportation

From transport trucks to tow trucks, fuel trucks and road rangers, SEI Wireless Communications has a two-way mobile radio solution for every fleet. That includes people movers like rental fleets, limousines, trolley and bus companies, as well as school buses.

Reduce Transportation Costs With Two-Way Radios

Cellular phones are expensive. The phones themselves may not be, but monthly plan payments quickly add up. The great thing about two-way radios is that once you invest, handsets will last for seven to ten years, and systems for 20.

Analyze Driver Performance with Reporting

Two-way radio reporting shows you the time intervals between actions: between pick-up requested and pick-up achieved, and between pick-up and drop-off. At the end of each day, get full reporting via Outlook email to analyze times and make sure that drivers are staying on track.

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Solve Passenger Complaints

You have the ability to record, time- and date-stamp every conversation over two-way radio. Should someone have a complaint, you can listen to conversations with dispatchers to find out exactly what happened, and when. Want to cover your bases? Get your drivers to call in to confirm every pickup and every drop-off: when the dispatcher acknowledges and the conversation is time-stamped, you’ll know what happened, and when.

Maintenance contracts and check-ups

Did you know that two-way radios need calibrating? Even professional models wander off-channel eventually, so we fine-tune them twice per year. While we’re doing that, we check batteries and install firmware updates and new features. Ask us about our affordable maintenance contracts.


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