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Keep Connected When It Counts Most With Two-Way Radio

Successfully running a utility depends to a large extent on reliable, instant communication over vast distances. It’s the way to keep service levels high: with real-time voice and data. The balancing act that utilities face is complex. They must satisfy growing demand for power, and control costs while complying with regulations. There’s only one way to be responsive to customers, be ready for natural disasters and emergencies, track all assets and stay on top of public and worker safety: two-way radio. The same goes for fuel refineries and large fuel transport infrastructure like tanker ships.

Responsive service

Responsive organizations need to work with suppliers that operate at the same level of service. Why? Because when something is not working and they need it fixed, wasting time is not an option. That’s what sets SEI Wireless Communications apart. The service experience is second to none. We have an employee on hand to answer the phone, day or night, ready to solve problems and make decisions. That’s rare in our industry, and important to yours.

What Do You Want From Your Two-Way Radio Solution?

Everybody needs on-demand, fail-proof communication. What else do you want from your two-way radio solution? How about GPS staff location, one-to-one calling, text messaging, reporting and workflow management? We have radio solutions that can help you optimize your business in different ways. Utilities and fuel infrastructure suppliers will want to choose from our Professional line of Motorola two-way radios for their ruggedness and extensive options. SEI staff can help you choose the optimal mix of features for your particular needs.

Enforce Safety Protocols With Two-Way Radio

How does a nuclear facility manager know that guards actually do their rounds? How can you be sure that control rooms are regularly patrolled? Modern digital two-way radio is the answer. Radios can be set up so that guards have to tap them against pads as they complete their rounds, triggering near-field communication that automatically notifies a system (and can alert a supervisor) of the in-person check-in.

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Two-way radio rental for contract work

SEI regularly handles two-way radio rentals within Florida and nationwide. Some of what we do involves clean-outs at plants such as paper mills or power facilities. When an engineering company comes in on a two-month contract, we get the call. As a Service Elite Motorola dealer, SEI has the capacity to supply hundreds of the most suitable model of two-way radio for the application, without delay.

Maintenance contracts and check-ups

Are you aware that two-way radios need calibrating? They wander slightly off-channel over the course of months of use. For the best reception, they need to be fine-tuned. While we do that, SEI technicians check batteries and install firmware updates, including new features. Ask about our competitive maintenance contracts.

Enhance safety, provide communication in high security areas

Many Florida wind and solar farms are not even on a map. You can’t see them on Google Earth. As critical infrastructure, these facilities are intentionally hidden high security installations. They are remote and often beyond the reach of reliable cellular communications. In such situations, two-way radios are essential—all the more so when high security protocols mean that there are people inside and people outside the security perimeter that work together and need to communicate in real time. Ensure productivity as well as safety with two-way radio.

Covering all utility and industrial solutionsSEI caters to power utilities (Florida Power & Light has been a customer for 20+ years), engineering firms like Siemens, oil and gas storage and processing facilities, as well as logistics companies that transport fuel.


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