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Make Sure Your Events Go Off Without A Hitch

Events are a flurry of tightly organized activity. Managing them takes a concerted effort and lots of coordination. Two-way radio is how teams coordinate venues large and small—from neighborhood parties to major concerts. When communication is unimpeded, events appear effortless.

A host of capabilities

If you haven’t experienced two-way radios lately, you’ll find a wealth of features to help you run your event more smoothly, no matter the venue. Modern digital two-way radio features include GPS staff location capability, standard or custom text messaging, one-to-one calling and reporting. One of the handiest features is the ability to talk to one person on your team, or the entire team. Teams can utilize separate channels, and supervisors can choose to speak with many teams at once.

FCC Certified For Venues & Events Of All Sizes

SEI Wireless Solutions is licensed by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to ship two-way radio rentals across North America for events and venues of all sizes. We have supplied radios for stadium sporting events, golf tournaments such as the Mitsubishi Classic, and major rock concerts. We regularly rent two-way radios to the Miami Beach Convention Center, Palm Beach Convention Center, as well as convention centers across the United States.

Two-Way Radios For Special Events

No matter the special event - graduations, alumni events, musical and sporting event, SEI has a two-way radio solution for your needs. Some of our customers choose to rent two-way radios, some choose to buy. Whatever your choice, SEI is ready to provision, set up and maintain the two-way radio system that you need—just contact us when the time is right.

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Shipping Two-Way Radios Nationwide

There are only a couple dozen two-way radio rental companies capable of handling larger venues in the U.S. We typically ship radios, accessories and documentation as a package, but if you need management, we will send someone along to unpack it, set it up, perform any troubleshooting required, and bring it back.

FCC certificate required

If you are considering renting two-way radios for your event, be sure to ask to see a potential provider’s FCC certificate. FCC licensing is required by federal law, and those who can’t produce a certificate could face a heavy fine.


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