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In-Building BDA/DAS Solutions

Municipalities are mandating that building owners provide uninterrupted wireless coverage for first responders while inside their buildings.

All new and post-construction projects are being affected.

SEI Wireless is an experienced and trusted advisor that will help ensure your building projects meet the new Public Safety Signal Enhancement Guidelines.

Why Are In-Building Wireless Services Required?

In Florida, most county building codes have been amended to include a stipulation for public safety signal booster enhancement for two-way radio communication. This is so that first responders like police, fire, ambulance, and other emergency service personnel can communicate within any building over the two-way radios that they use every day.

Construction Solutions



We Are A Leader For In-Building Wireless Solutions In Florida

In our area, Broward, Miami-Dade and Palm Beach counties all require RF wireless two-way radio reception in all buildings for first responders and crisis management. SEI Wireless Solutions regularly installs new bi-directional antenna (BDA) systems in new buildings, and we also retrofit older buildings throughout south Florida. We offer the complete service: from specifying a system to installation, testing, closeout documentation and regular maintenance, we’ve got you covered.


We are the leading provider of In-Building Solutions for two-way radio systems for Public Safety and Commercial users. We pride ourselves on providing the expert consultation and professional installation services to help Project Managers and Developers meet these goals and get their C.O. for new construction.

No organization rests easy during rip-and-replace capital outlays. A better alternative? The Team Communications Solution can be implemented immediately, integrating existing equipment seamlessly with push-to-talk capabilities. That allows you to build on the full value of earlier investments – with no carrier, device or network limitations.


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