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Rental Equipment

Rental Equipment

SEI Wireless Solutions rents Motorola & Nextel Communications equipment on a nationwide basis.
Rental Clients Served

Audio Visual Companies
Staging and Lighting Companies
Meeting and Event Planners
Hotel & Resort Facilities
Marketing Companies
Product Development
Pharmaceutical Launches
Air & Sea Shows
Fairs & Festivals
Concerts and Tours
Construction Industry
Petroleum Industry
Public Utilities
Government Agencies
Cruise Ships
Religious Organizations
Charitable & Non Profit Organizations
Our Rental Fleet
Our fleet of rental equipment includes; Motorola two way radios and Nextel / Sprint phones. Please view below for more information.

Two Way Radio Rentals

UHF/VHF/900 MHz Two Way Radios
Portables Base Stations/Repeaters
Our two way radio rental fleet includes
Motorola HT1250LS+
Motorola PR 400
Motorola EX500
Motorola CP200
Motorola GP300
Motorola CDM 1550
Motorola GM 300
Motorola GR 1225
Motorola MTX 900 series
Nextel IDEN units (various models available)
Lithium ion batteries
High noise double-muff headsets
Light duty headsets
Speaker microphones
Surveillance kits

Nextel Iden Rentals
SEI Wireless Solutions rents Sprint / Nextel Iden All in One Units by the day/week/month. Our inventory of Nextel units is able to cross fleet to existing users thus allowing us to integrate and communicate nationwide. SEI Wireless Solutions offers Unlimited Nationwide Direct Connect, Group Call Mode, Cellular Phone Capability, Voice Mail, Text Messaging and Internet Browser as well as many other exciting features.

Several models are available to choose from so you can customize your rental need based on function, feature and technological savvy. The All in One Unit serves many purposes and is an excellent choice for wide area coverage. Direct Connect allows for private One to One Calling. Group Call Mode works much like a standard walkie talkie and offers One to Many and One to All Calling.

Please contact us to discuss how we can assist you with your Nextel rental needs.

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