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Motorola XTL5000

The XTLT 5000 Digital Mobile Radio with its new architecture and design, is equipped to meet the most demanding needs of your organization. This robust Project 25 compliant mobile assures crisp, continuous and high quality communication. The XTL 5000 is for radio users who require high performance, quality and reliability in their daily communications.

Motorola XTL5000 Features

The XTL 5000 Digital Mobile Radio offers an array of exceptional features that benefit the customer, including:

  • Variety of control head configurations available
  • Motorcycle 10-15 watt variable power
  • Supports 512 channels with all Control Heads
  • Dash or Remote Mount
  • Supports most ASTRO Spectra Accessories
  • Dual Control Head Capability
  • Control Station Operation
  • Windows®-based Customer Programming Software (CPS)
  • Meets Military Standards 810, C, D, E and F

Motorola XTL5000 Key Capabilities

  • System Configurations
    The XTLTM 5000 mobile radio is capable of the following: ASTRO 25 Digital Trunking, ASTRO® Analog and Digital Trunking, and Analog and Digital Conventional
  • Enhanced Frequency Spectrum Utilization
    The XTLTM 5000 mobile radio is designed to offer multiple frequency band solutions for perfect system optimization in congested urban areas or wider country regions. Motorola currently offers the 700/800 MHz dual band (764-870MHz), 10-35 watt variable power. Future rollouts will include UHF Range 1 10-40watt, expanding the frequency span by starting at 380MHz (380-470MHz) as well as VHF (136-174MHz), 10-50 watt.
  • Integrated Voice and Data
    The XTL 5000 mobile radio is capable of further enhancements such as Integrated Voice and Data and Status Message Service.
  • Control Head Variety
    The XTL 5000 mobile is available in five different control head configurations including the W3 Handheld Control Head, W4, W5, W7 and W9 ASTRO Spectra control heads. It is also available with W4, W5, and W7 Motorcycle Control Head configurations providing a water resistant control head. Fielded ASTRO Spectra Control heads can be reused with the new mobile transceiver. The XTL 5000 mobile will be upgradeable to next generation Control Heads and features in the future.
  • Motorcycle Configuration
    Along with the standard mobile configurations, the XTL 5000 can also be ordered as a Motorcycle mobile radio. Specific options provide water resistant microphone, speakers and control heads for Motorcycle applications along with an enclosure for mounting the mobile transceiver.
  • Enhanced Encryption
    The security features of the XTL 5000 mobile include Type III and Type IV encryption including DES, DES-XL, DES-OFB, DVI-XL, DVP-XL and AES algorithms.
  • FLASHport Software Upgrades 
    Allows you to add capabilities and features to your radios as your communication needs evolve.

Motorola XTL5000 FAQs

  • What are the differences between the different Control Head options of the XTL 5000 Digital Mobile Radio?
    The W3 Handheld Control Head has a 2 line/14 character alphanumeric display and a 3 x 6 keypad with programmable soft keys.The W4 Control Head offers an 8 character alphanumeric display, Rotary Mode and Volume Control and Dialing from prestored lists.

    The W5 Control Head is similar to the W4 control head offering an 8 character alphanumeric display and Dialing from prestored lists but utilizes Electronic Mode and Volume Controls.

    The W7 Control Head offers an 8 character alphanumeric display, Electronic Mode and Volume Controls and a 3 x 4 keypad for direct dialing.

    The W9 Control Head is the largest of the Control Head options with an 11 character alphanumeric display, 3 x 4 keypad for direct dialing and Electronic Mode and Volume Controls. This Control Head Model is capable of remote mount only.

  • Does the XTL 5000 allow for interoperability between system platforms? 
    The XTL 5000 is designed with backward compatibility to allow its users to communicate on the existing Analog Conventional, Digital Conventional, Analog Trunking and ASTRO systems, while also being able to operate on the new APCO Project 25 Trunked and Conventional systems. By offering the best solution for seamless statewide coverage, the XTL 5000 is one of the most interoperable mobile radios ever developed.
  • How important is the Project 25 compliance?
    The APCO Project 25 is an open architecture digital Standard for Public Safety Government Communications Systems that assures interoperability of P25 equipment from multiple vendors; maximizes spectrum efficiency; provides for graceful migration from analog through future digital technologies with backward compatibility with existing systems; allows effective, efficient and reliable intra-agency and inter-agency communications to scale in size from small individual users to wide-area regional systems.
  • What enhancements does the Windows®-based CPS introduce?
    The Customer Programming Software (CPS) provides an improved user interface in a friendly Windows® environment including an easy navigation in a familiar setting; the ability to copy information quickly from one file to another; password protection enhancing security; printable data from within a file; fast and easy answers to questions; conversion of DOS files into Windows® files; and prevention of incorrect data insertion.
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