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Motorola WiNS

Motorola Unlicensed Wireless Networking Solutions takes you places wires can’t.

High-speed. Low Cost.

Motorola Wireless Networking Solutions offer high-speed connectivity that costs substantially less than wire lines. Great for difficult-to-reach areas that are cost-prohibitive to wire.

If you are planning to add wireless mobility to your existing network, or create a freestanding network, Motorola can provide a Wireless Networking Solution that is ideal for your organization, regardless of size. Whether you are a small elementary school, a medium-sized hospital or a large corporation, with Motorola Wireless Networking Solutions, you can:

  • Reduce monthly recurring costs and delay of installing cable or T1 lines
  • Enable your staff and/or students to access critical information (voice, video, data)
  • Perform real-time transaction processing
  • Connect staff and/or students in multiple buildings
  • Perform remote monitoring and video surveillance for added security
  • Provide Internet access for employees and visitors without sacrificing network integrity
  • Share data and graphics across all locations within your wireless network

No one knows more about wireless communications than Motorola, and a successful wireless network installation requires our unique expertise and technical “know how” to create wireless solutions customers can count on.

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