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Intelligent Motorola Portable Radio Energy System

OverviewThe Intelligent Motorola Portable Radio Energy System (impres) energy system demonstrates an optimal energy system solution, not only for 2-way radios, but the technology can be applied to a wide variety of portable products. It is a tri-chemistry (nickel-cadmium, nickel-metal hydride, lithium-ion), patented technology that was developed by our expert design team. The primary elements of the system are an impres compatible battery and an impres compatible adaptive charger. The system incorporates the following key features:

Battery data storage in the battery 
“Smart” charger with adaptive reconditioning capability
Structured priority communication protocol used between the battery and charger

Impres compatible batteries perform “smart” battery functions:

Monitor elapsed time
Record charge & discharge current
Monitor battery voltage and temperature
The battery has an expandable memory architecture that serves as a repository for all “smart” battery data.

Impres compatible chargers are designed to manage charger and battery data and provide periodic battery “fuel gauge” recalibration.

Impres compatible chargers also perform battery reconditioning:

Automatic adaptive reconditioning by monitoring battery usage data
Automatic voltage threshold reconditioning
Manual initiation or termination of reconditioning
Automatic reconditioning allows maximum run time without sacrificing battery life to unnecessary charge/discharge cycles associated with manual reconditioning.

The impres system provides the following functions:

  • Record of date of manufacture
  • Unique battery serial number
  • Date of battery initial (“smart”) use
  • Periodic battery fuel tank recalibration
  • Record of battery charge cycles: “smart”, approximated, and recondition
  • Record of initial and current “fuel tank” size
  • Battery end-of-service-life indicator

Impres technology can be used to enhance new products by designing the product to provide:

Capability to read data over the communication bus
Capability to calculate and interpret battery data
Means to display battery data to the user
We are developing impres compatible accessories and peripherals such as:

  • Vehicular chargers and adapters
  • Multi-unit and single unit data displays
  • PC-based battery management systems and software
  • System upgrades and feature enhancements such as projected battery end-of-life
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