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Motorola GR1225 Parts and Accessories

Duplexer can be internally installed to allow a single antenna to be used instead of two separate antennas to transmit and receive simultaneously.

Desk Microphone 
Desk Microphone converts a desktop repeater into a dispatch radio for office personnel use.

Portable Cary Case 
Portable Carry Case allows easy transport for use as a back-up or emergency repeater.

Battery Revert
Battery Revert Automatic back-up power allows continued use when power goes down. Also includes float maintenance charger to keep battery charged when not in use.

ZR340 Advanced Interconnect Controller
ZR340 Advanced Interconnect Controller provides advanced telephone interconnect capability with stored telephone numbers, access/override codes, dialing restrictions, call timers, direct-air access and Continuous Wave Identification (CWID).

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