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Keep Your Faculty Connected

Two-way radio is an important part of running an educational facility. It has two main functions: coordinating services, and ensuring student safety. Motorola’s next-generation two-way radio solutions will help you make sure that staff are responsive and efficient, whatever they do. Durable, school-specific systems give you the technology you need to stay on top of both security and activity coordination.

Two-way Radios: The Key to Safety

Sadly, the possibility of violent incidents taking place at our schools has become a fact of life. In a nationwide Motorola survey, 99% of educators agreed that creating a safe, secure environment was their top priority. But here’s the question: how do you deliver greater safety with less money? Take it from SEI Wireless Solutions: a one-time investment in state-of-the-art digital two-way radios for classrooms, administration offices and buses can substantially increase safety: know what’s going on and where, instantly—behind locked doors or on far-flung campuses.

Two-way radio, schools & law enforcement

Do you know the best way to communicate with police in the event of a security event? That’s right—two-way radio. It’s the very communication tool that police use themselves. Give your teaching staff the tools they need to maintain a safe environment: in-class two-way radios for instant communication with administrators and with authorities.

Boost transportation safety with Motorola two-way radios

Did you know that mobile two-way radios can come with GPS location tracking capability? That way, you’ll always know exactly where your vehicles are. Not only that, but two-way radio reporting can show you the time intervals between actions: between reported pick-ups and reported drop-offs. You can get full reporting via Outlook email at the end of each day for analysis, to make sure that drivers stay on track.

Improve facility coordination with portable Motorola two-way radios

The average college campus is like a small city. Customers like the University of Miami use two-way radio to make things happen simultaneously in many areas: security, maintenance, athletics, engineering—the list goes on. Two-way radio facilitates the choreography of services that surrounds each student experience. Communicate within an entire team, a smaller group, one-to-one, or between supervisors. These radios also feature standard text messaging and group messaging.

Link campuses with MOTOTRBO™ IP Site Connect

Many universities have satellite campuses. With IP Site Connect, you can connect all campuses over Internet Protocol. Should a maintenance person need advice, she can connect with someone at a different campus for help on the spot, rather than returning to the office to look up a phone number.


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