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Disaster Response

When Disaster Strikes, Lives Hang In The Balance.

In the event of a major natural disaster like Hurricane Irma or Hurricane Harvey, you need a dependable solution that’s not going to fail when all other communication infrastructure goes down. Two-way radio is an essential tool not only for emergency services like fire and ambulance, but also for the teams responsible for restoring power.

SEI is the Go-To Two-Way Provider for Disaster Cleanup

SEI Wireless Solutions has been providing two-way radio solutions to the likes of Florida Power & Light for over 20 years. When FPL needs extra radios for crews from upstate and out of state, they turn to SEI.
We are one of the few suppliers with the resources to supply large amounts of equipment in a very short timeframe. We know the drill. When we get the call from FPL, we know it’s going to be serious. That’s when we engage our other utility and first responder customers, to make sure they are prepared for what’s coming.

First Responders Needs for Public Safety

First and foremost, disaster response personnel urgently need communications that work. Almost all environments and situations, two-way radios are a must. Responding to a mass shooting in a public venue, issues with nuclear and gas power facilities, hurricane response or in case of fire, good communications systems save lives.

Nationwide & Locale Reception

SEI’s two-way communications network covers both nationwide, statewide and local areas. Wherever you need access, SEI can provide it.

Safety First

Two-way radios are a big part of keeping you and our first responders safe. Ensure that your team is able to communicate at all times with effective, dependable two-way radio. It's the reason our public safety officials are there when you need them most.


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