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CES Wireless Power-Trak


POWER-trak™ from CES is the Automatic Vehicle Location solution that everyone is talking about, providing a dispatcher with real time graphic display of the fleet activity.

Available as a standalone system, or in conjunction with the many other wireless data vehicle peripherals in the CES range, this vehicle tracking system provides improved timeliness and control, efficiency and safety.

The POWER-trak™ base controller, fitted with the CES TRACKER GPS unit, automatically communicates with the mobile fleet, transmitting position coordinates and other relevant status information.

This information is presented to the dispatcher on a geographical, color coded, high resolution map. Quick access is provided through mouse-oriented point-and-click windows and pull down menus. Zoom levels range from 100 mile overviews to 200 foot close-ups.

  • Real Time Vehicle Display
  • Custom and Predefined Status Messaging
  • Pan, Zoom In, Zoom Out, Scroll
  • Multiple Window Views and Scales
  • High Quality Maps
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