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Canopy Peripherals

Video Servers and Routers – Taking Security and Surveillance to the Next Level

Vanguard RemoteVU Guardian provides the features of a video surveillance tool and the intelligence of a network access device all in one. It enables your organization to connect analog security cameras to a wireless LAN or WAN to receive and store real-time critical visual information. This wireless solution allows you to connect remote sites which were previously too expensive to network with wires or impossible to reach without running miles of cable underground.

And because RemoteVU Guardian allows security professionals to monitor from a central location, they can cover more locations without increasing patrols, coverage hours or the budget required for both. Critical remote sites, such as parking lots and off-campus locations which have previously been impossible to secure without a physical presence are now instantly connected.

Multi-Service Access Routers

The Vanguard 6400 router series is an award-winning member of the Vanguard product portfolio and is ideal for medium-size enterprise branch offices. With its ability to support multi-service access, flexible LAN and WAN connectivity, a variety of security options and high performance processors, the Vanguard 6400 series offers enterprise customers a complete networking solution while allowing for future growth of their network without any large investments or major upgrades. Plus, the Vanguard 6400 is the best value in the industry to reduce branch networking costs for: integrated packet Voice over IP (VoIP), and Voice over Frame Relay (VoFR) gateway services, Fax, Digital Video, LAN routing, and legacy data support.

The Vanguard 340 series router is the next generation IP/VPN platform targeted at small/medium enterprise customers. With its modular and flexible architecture, the Vanguard 340 series router provides a cost-effective e-business platform fro enterprise customers to integrate data/voice/video/fax traffic over the network, thus reducing their overall Wide Area Networking (WAN) costs.

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