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Canopy Applications

Flexible and Secure Access Services for Campus Environments, Enterprises, and Healtcare Organizations

Motorola Wireless Networking Solutions can provide immediate, wireless data connectivity throughout university, business or healthcare organizations. It’s multi-standard wireless architecture allows easy migration of new wireless standards, deployed and managed as a single network. With no ongoing monthly charges and almost instantaneous installations. Motorola’s new wireless products offer cost-effective solutions for virtually any size organization. Other benefits include:

  • Low-cost deployment, simple set-up, and ease of maintenance.
  • Support for advanced security, such as video surveillance of
    walkways for student protection, hall monitoring, and overall
    student protection on university campuses and in K1-12
    learning environments.
  • Improved Productivity with mobile network, Internet, and email inside buildings or around a campus.
  • Hospital-wide transmission of bandwidth-intensive medical data and image files.
  • Sharing of data and graphics across all locations.
  • Internet access for employees and visitors without sacrificing
    network integrity.

In a Campus Environment, Canopy can connect Networks Between Buildings With Canopy, connecting LAN’s between two buildings that have an unobstructed line-of-site link using two Canopy Backhaul units is simple and effective.*

Canopy can be used where Customers or Staff Members
Need Internet Connections for their Laptops 

Canopy can provide backhaul to an 802.11 “hotspot” for wireless
Internet access for mobile laptop users.

Canopy is Designed for Residential Customers
Basic Canopy service delivers Internet access to residential and SOHO(small office, home office) customers. And Canopy is so simple and so flexible, the applications for which it can be used are limited only to your imagination.

Canopy can be used for Remote Monitoring and Security
Canopy can easily provide backhaul from an Internet WebCam. This application is better known as “Canopy Vision.”

Canopy can be delivered from a Field Vehicle
With a deployable Canopy Access Point, you can provide Canopy
service “on the fly” to field sites of all kinds.

Canopy service is so modular, there are many more applications
Just imagine – Canopy Access points positioned at regular points along a railroad line combined with 802.11 repeaters installed in rail cars. Rail customers could connect their mobile laptops and work while they’re commuting!

Or imagine Canopy service- 
High-speed Internet service for truckers at weigh stations, truck stops, service bays -or anywhere vehicles congregate.

*Note: backhaul is limited by distance and presence of physical obstructions

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